Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essence Therapy


Flower essences are dilute extracts of various types of flowers and plants that are used to address issues for both people and animals. They are used to balance mental states and uncomfortable emotions. Each remedy has influence on a specific emotional state by encouraging the corresponding positive quality that lies dormant within us.

Thirty eight basic remedies are used, all of which come from the flowering parts of plants, bushes and trees. They are used in liquid form and can be mixed together to create a soothing combination helpful in alleviating troublesome emotional/mental states.  Once soothed, we can then make conscious choices and intentional actions to create a better life condition for ourselves.

These remedies are intended for home self-help, and they are meant to provide a sense of wellbeing to the whole person. Stock solutions are diluted in water and a few drops are taken throughout the day.

They work very gently, are totally non-toxic and can do absolutely no harm. They cannot interfere with any other treatment or any medication and they do not cause a dramatic healing crisis but instead slowly unpeel the emotional layers one at a time. This process is called “peeling the onion”. They are safe for pregnant women.and small babies as well as the elderly and infirm..

Used properly, the remedies can give us an insight into who we really are.

Flower Essence Remedies assist in issues of:

  • Fear and Worry
  • Depression and Hopelessness
  • Self Confidence
  • Cases of Crisis and Emergency
  • Relationships
  • Proper Action or Inaction

How to Select Flower Essence Remedies:

A trained flower essence consultant can assist you and make a recommendation based on discussion and/or a questionnaire you complete. 

Using Remedies:

The Flower Remedies are to be taken four times per day.  They may be put into a glass/bottle of water or tea from which you drink throughout the day or they may be taken from the treatment bottle when you awake, when you go to bed and an additional two times during the day.

The remedies may also be applied to the body, either from the bottle or mixed with body lotion or cream.

Four drops is the minimum dose. If you take less it reduces the effectiveness of the remedies. A 2 ounce bottle of essences will last up to three weeks.

REFERENCE:  Bach Flower Remedies by Stefan Ball

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