About the Practitioner

Bernita Wilson

Practitioner of Holistic Healing Arts

Certified and Licensed in Therapeutic Bodywork
As a practitioner of the holistic healing arts, I have spent the better part of 35 years exploring natural ways to facilitate general good health and wellness maintenance routines in order to develop a natural health lifestyle based on holistic practices and principles.

During that time I have studied, and found helpful, various modalities, techniques, bodywork methods, practices and pieces of general knowledge that I have incorporated into my personal self-care practices.

It is my desire to offer what I have learned to others in the spirit of sharing safe, simple, natural, non-invasive, effective methods for achieving a higher level of health, wellbeing and natural living.

Once we open up the flow of energy within our body,

we can also open up to the flow of energy in the universe.

~Wilhelm Reich


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